How to convert one unit of sand into cft?


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In order to convert one unit of sand into cft (or cubic feet), a person must know that each cubic foot of sand (in dry format) has a total weight of about 100 pounds. As well, each cubic yard of sand contains 27 cubic feet. Once these unit numbers and weights are understood, it will be easy to divide one unit of sand into cft by weighing out 100 pounds of the substance. To weigh out less sand, a person will need to work with fractions or percentages. For example, ten pounds of dry sand will equal ten percent of one unit, or one-tenth of one unit.

  • Understanding measurements
On the Internet, it's possible to find out plenty of information about exactly how units of measurement can be compared or converted. In some cases, free online calculators can be used to enter amounts and get an instant and accurate conversion. In this case, finding an online calculator that converts pounds into cubic feet would be useful. However, the conversion rate for 100 pounds to one cubic foot is quite simple, and help from handheld or online calculators may not be needed.

  • The conversion formula is simple
In some cases, a person can figure out percentages and fractions for smaller or different amounts of sand simply by doing a little basic math with a piece of paper and a pencil. Of course, people who are naturally adept at doing math may be able to do all of these conversions mentally.

Usually, these types of conversions are used when people decide to buy sand for landscaping purposes, or to move sand from one location to another. Often, contractors and landscapers will need to memorize these types of conversions, in order to know exactly how much sand they need to order and get rid of.
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The volume of a rectangular prism, which is what your sandbox is, is given by the length times the height times the width.
The point of confusion that might arise here is that your dimensions are in different units so what you have to do first is to make all the units the same. Since you need to have your answer in cubic feet, you would need to convert the measure of the depth of the sand into feet. If your answer had needed to be in cubic inches, then you would have needed to convert the length and width of the sandbox into inches. If you are need to know more about mm to cm conversions then use this Conversion Calculator.
So, since 12 inches make a foot, 6 inches is half a foot or 0.5 foot.
Then all you need do is to substitute in your formula, multiply and get your answer.
Volume of sand needed = 12 x 9 x 0.5 = 54 cubic feet.

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