I need a copy of licence/ohio/stna? I need a copy of my OHIO S.T.N.A. Licience. How do i get it?


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The best thing to do to get a copy of your Ohio S.T.N.A license is to contact your nearest Ohio S.T.N.A license commissioner who, if they cannot help will at least be able to point you in the right direction. They may charge a fee for a copy of your license so you may want to inquire about this before ordering the copy.

S.T.N.A stands for State Tested Nursing Assistant and is needed if you want to work in the health care profession as Ohio does not recognize the term "certified nursing assistant" which is another type of license which is recognized in other states. This license only lasts for two years and needs to be renewed after this time. To renew your license every two years you will be required to attend a class similar to the one you would have needed to get to gain your STNA in order to continue working in the nursing profession.

In order to be "active" as a Nurse's Aide, you must be working for a minimum of 7.5 hours within that 24 month period. Employment verification might be required.

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