Why are people in high school so judgemental? I mean you get teased for being too fat, too thin, too smart, too dumb, for having their hair done wrong or for having too much make up etc? Why? I like being individual!


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Haters going to hate

potatoa's going to potate
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Because they are jealous. I'm at highschool now and a lot of the other girls are jealous of me over hardly anything (not trying to brag) just because I have really blonde hair which most of the girls have brown or black. They are insucure about themselves, even the most popular people have something wrong with them - (they nomally have the most wrong with them too)  if they teased you for being smart its because there dumb and jealous, if they tease you for being dumb its because they think there better than you and can put you down but they can't, too thin means they wish they could be as skinny as you, too fat means they are stupid bimbos that stave themself just so they can put overs down who arent even that bigger than them! Makeup = cakeface.. Nuff said. Hope I helpedd :) xx
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People bully because they have nothing better to do and it is sad.  People bully others because they are actually projecting their own hatred and insecurities out on other people.  People in high school (especially in big cliques) are predominantly sheep who follow the crowd because they are too scared to be themselves.  They also feel envious of other people if they are too thin (usually bullied a gaggle of fat ugly girls), too clever etc because they would give their right arm for what ever they are envious about.  It is pathetic.  You are a threat to them because they secretly desire to be themselves but they fall under peer pressure to look and behave in a certain way for their friends and people are predominantly pathetic in how they behave because they cannot accept they feel bad about themselves so they have to displace it onto someone else.  They strong willed, nice and kind and good people who are not scared of being an indivdual and not following the herd get bullied.  It is the strong people that get bulled because the sheep envy their strength, appearance or behaviour they would give their right arm for!!!
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They mostly want attention and want to see you getting mentally hurt. But if people learned to ignore, they would be much happier.
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Because people like to  belong, personally I like to wear sweat pants over jeans, but I make it work so that the good people form the other gender like it, this does not mean come to school dressed in the most lewd outfits you can find as you have to find something that is your style and love your style, only then will others love it too.
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A few girls said if i had a sense of fashion i would be a great guy, i proved to them i had some taste, i just never cared much for fashion and would rather like usefulness
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Well that is quite understandable
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Yeah for a guy , I do not care what you wear or do not wear.
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Because they find your flaws irritating to them and they judge because you are not like them. So they basically want you to conform to their standards but do not, otherwise you will be a fake and you do not want to be that kind of person.
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Because they have nothing beter to do and they are insecure about themselves and it gives them a good laugh. They convince themselves they are better than everyone else by constantly saying rude and mean things to otherS.
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Thanks :) the extent of my comments is my weight
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Haha your welcome(:
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From a guy highschoolers view. We often wind each other up but when older pupils or pupils in my age group start teasing to be mean we usually try to ignore them. Yes i know its hard i used to be teased all the time because im 14 and im about the height of an 9 year old but i just ignored them and they gave up after about a week.

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