I'm doing a science project on which liquid freezes faster; water, milk, juice, or soda with my friend we made a hypothesis and I said milk will freeze faster and she said water will. Does anyone know which one freezes faster?


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In order:
Water- plain H2O
Juice- mainly water, pulp, various complex sugars.
Soda- Trace Carbonic acid, H2O, glucose/sucrose/ High Fructose Corn Syrup- the non-water elements have a lower freezing point than water.
Milk- glucose, lactose H2O- the glucose and laactose sugars will act as an anti-freeze
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Water. Milk contains fat and sugar, soda has sugar and some salt, juice has sugar and citric acid. Water will freeze the quickest
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Duane Bryant
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Jackie, let us know how your experiment turned out.
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Well soda froze first then juice then milk and finally water
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I would think water because when ever I try to frezze milk it does all this weird stuff frist

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