John and Martha each had a steak dinner last night at Fred's diner. The steaks were $12.95 apiece, and they each had a glass of wine at $6 apiece. The bill included an additional 8% tax. How much was the total of John and Martha's bill?


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Steak 12.95 x 2 = $25.90
wine 6 x 2 = $12

add together for total. $37.90

multiply by 1.08 [1 to equal the total amount, and the .08 to equal the percent of tax]

comes to: $40.93

the other way is to multiply the total of $37.90 by .08 [tax percent as a decimal] and you'll get $3.03 add that, and the total of $37.90.

You will get the same answer either way.

Answer: $40.93

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