Im on my last semester at college and had never in my life failed a course, and recently had a test and 2 friends asked me for help I let them copy my test. The teacher caught us, so the consequence for both was failing the course. Was it fair for me?


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You should never let someone copy off of you and I think it is your fault for letting them do so and your consequence is failing.. So what if you fail? Just take the class again.
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Yes as they didnt force you to let them so that makes you just as guilty as they are and have to suffer the same consequences. Its was more of a really stupid thing you did here considering your past but it happens so take the penalty and do whatever it takes to remedy this unfortunate problem and remember colleges and universities don't take cheating lightly
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Yes, you let them copy you didnt you ??
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Hate to say it, but you already knew cheating can have consequences.
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Cheating is not so bad, you were trying to help someone not fail. The only thing you did wrong was get caught. You shouldnt have been failed for it. You should try and fight their decision, talk to your the principal or whoever is over the teachers head.
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sam schwartz
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Well,its college! And its different in college!! You can just go and cry to the principal/dean! Its his fault for letting someone cheat!! That isnt exactly helping the guy who copied either because if this guy that copied was studing for his carreer, he wouldnt learn anything by cheeting!!
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Yes cheating is against school policy if you let them cheat off its your fault just as much as them so yes you deserve to fail
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gic np
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Thanks for your answer,.. It makes me really angry because I really didnt want to do it, but this will never ever happen to me again.
Maria Not Telling
Weather u wanted to do it not u still did so u must face the back fire
Atul Chhotray
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Yes, always remember this incident. I am sure that you will never repeat the same mistake. Sometimes peer pressure makes us do things that we should not do or do not want to. Let this serve as an example. Always think before making a decision.
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Yeah you knew that there would be consequences for cheating, whatever they may be. ( failing in this case) And you cheated nonetheless.
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If you know what you did was right then it may go both ways it may be fair and also not be
I suggest you go plead with ure teacher

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