Pls. Help with math problem. Sam bought 5 lb. Of potatoes for $4.99. What was the rate in cents per lb.? How do I solve this?


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If Sam bought five pounds of potatoes for a total price of four dollars and ninety-nine cents, he spent .0998 cents per pound, which is just under one dollar per pound. The math equation is solved through the mathematical process known as division. To arrive at the correct answer, 4.99 must be divided by 5. The equation and solution for this problem will be written as 4.99/5  = .0998.

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Learning how to calculate math equations, such as the cost of a pound of vegetables, can come in very handy in the real world. For example, if a person goes to the grocery store and sees two bags of potatoes, both priced differently, and both of different weights, he or she may not be certain which bag of vegetables is really a better deal.

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In order to figure this out, calculating the cost per pound, and seeing which is lower, will be the best way to sort out the issue. By choosing the bag of vegetables with the lower per-pound price, the person will spend less money for the same product. Conversely, choosing the higher priced item will be a waste of money...assuming the vegetables in both bags are of the same quality.

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