Which answer best completes the series below? 40, 6.7, 38, 5.5, 36, 4.3, 34...


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3.1,32,2.9,30,1.7,28,0.5,26! Muje lagta is series k hesab say ye he solution hona chaheye! By the end konse grade may padte ho?
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ok dude you just need to look at the pattern numbers are going ok. Like if you see after 40 and 6.7 the pattern starts showing. The third number is 2 less in 40 and 4th is 1.2 less in 6.7. Again, the fifth number is 2 less in 38 and the 6th 1.2 less in 5.5. The following two numbers come by subtracting 2 and 1.2 from the previous 2 numbers.
Hence, the next numbers should be 4.3-1.2=3.1 and 34-2=32 and so on..
Hope it helps.
Khuda Hafiz dude.

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