Why can many students not face their problems squarely?


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Many people believe that students hide away from problems and don't face them head on because they have been sheltered by their parents before they leave to go to college and into the "real world".

However, the reason could just be that many students are not really ready to be in the real world. Students are actually thrown into college situations and expected to survive on their own. Yes, this may be a result on parents being too over protective, but sometimes it is just too overwhelming. If a student is faced with a large problem then they may not even be sure how to handle it.

Below are some steps that people could try to follow when it comes to facing their problems head on.

How students can foster a positive attitude

The first step to follow is to stay "glass half full." When you start to think negative, that's when it becomes difficult to face the problem and succeed. Being positive is actually rather easy, if you are able to look into your future, visualize a goal and then focus on it enough to make it happen.

Take time to think about what the solution to your problem is going to be. This is an alternative to focusing on the problem itself. The problem is a source of negativity whereas the solution will bring you a feeling of positivity. Once you turn your mind to a solution, your mindset will become more positive and you will immediately become more constructive.

Follow these three steps if you are trying to solve a problem:

- Firstly, make a habit of looking straight for the solution to a problem and avoid focusing on the issue as much as possible.

- Secondly, in every adversity that you come across, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, learn something from it.

- Finally, don't leave all the work to your brain. Use a pen and paper to write out all the details of the problem you are dealing with and this will help you to figure out a more logical solution.

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