Who gives the academic dismissal appeal letter? The dean or the registrar?


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Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter is a type of letter submitted by a student to the dean to appeal for the school's decision to dismiss the student due to poor academic performance.  An Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter is usually done if the student cannot appeal in person due to traveling cost or if the school dean does not permit a face-to-face meeting. If you have been recently dismissed from your school and will be submitting an Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter to your school dean, here are some good pointers to remember:

  • Be honest with your reason. It is very important that you state not just a valid but the true reason why you have failed in most of your academic subjects. Telling a lie will only make things worse as the school officials are well aware of the possibility for the students to give false reason just to be reconsidered. For that reason, school officials will also verify the reason and facts you have stated and things can get worst when you are caught lying.
  • Choose your words wisely. It is also essential that when you state your reason, you have to choose your words carefully. Remember that how you state your reason will be deliberated sceptically so you have to don't just need to be honest but you also have to admit your faults and most importantly, your plans and enthusiasm to change for the better.
  • Make sure you mention what has happened and what exactly went wrong. By doing this, the school officials will be able to understand the unavoidable circumstances you had to go through and hopefully will reconsider their decision.

These are just a few tips you can consider as you send your Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter. However, if it is possible that you visit your school personally to appeal for the decision, this is much better as the school will be able to see your sincerity.

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