Why We Need To Study the behavior of man?


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An understanding of the behavior of man can help in a wide variety of situations. First and foremost it provides us with an understanding and appreciation of what motivates and influences humans. An understanding of others enhances our ability to interact and co-operate with each other. This is an important quality to have both in our personal lives and in our workplace.
The psychology of human behavior is a complex field of study that is subject to a huge amount of academic research. There is an incredibly wide scope of learning and understanding when we try to think about why humans function in the way that they do.
Because every action a human takes is as a result of the functioning of their mind, human behavior acts as the 'raw data' for psychologists who are trying to observe and understand the functioning of the mind.
Psychology is an important factor in a wide variety of academic disciplines. An understanding and appreciation of psychology is important in the following fields, among others:
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
Psychology also lies at the heart of the modern study of developing artificial intelligence (AI).
The psychological study of human behavior is used across a wide variety of aspects of life and business. It is central to medical treatment, for instance. Sports psychology is used by teams and individuals to motivate and inspire athletes.

Psychological analysis is an important part of criminology and legal proceedings to help understand why people commit crimes. Corporate entities will attempt to analyze the psychology of their customers in order to try to entice them to consume their product or service.

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