How do learning the characteristics of life help you appreciate life?


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Wisdom - we gain this through knowledge and experience and its not all plain sailing is it. Life means different things to each one of us, When do you feel most alive, when do you feel really low.... The terms we human beings rely on and life and death, good and back, love and hate. In other words there is a negative to every positive. So Life, we might say, is enjoyment in the present moment, knowing that we are alive, alive in the sense that we experience good sensations and feelings that make is happy. Who is not in pursuit of happiness. The word itself is a predicate and can mean so many different things to different people. What makes you feel happy Tressa. I'm happy when I'm out in places where there wide views of the sea and hills, where nature touches me, when I feel free. What makes you happy....Happiness, is also related to good health and can be an eternal search, for we human beings change so much, from hour-to-hour, let alone, day-to-day.
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Characteristics...can that be a quirky smile thats lopsided or chewing on the end of your ponytail.  No life is full of surprises and this world has not used them all up yet.  There's still plenty to do, see, feel and find out and the journey is lifelong.  No one can put this world into a square box and say this is it.  Our world is too vast, too big, and way too mysterious for any one person or group to realise.  Live each day as if it were your last.

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