Write about the political,social and religious issues that Blake addressed in the Songs of Innocence & Experience?


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Blake may have been expressing a distrust or suspicion of authority figures with the use of his religious, social and political concepts in the work Songs of Innocence and Experience.
  • Social and Political issues of his era
William Blake provided social and political issues that were characterized by the era in which he lived. This is to say economic freedom as well as personal and political freedoms were some of the issues he discussed in the poems. For instance, the poem in the group called "The Chimney Sweeper" discussed issues with child labor. During his life time child labor was common, yet many did not feel it was right. "Holy Thursday" was another, describing kids' lives and a need for charity. The poems also took on social and political issues such as poverty and misery in the urban life. It was a protest of the lives one had to lead.
  • Challenging views
Blake wrote his set of four poems to challenge religious, political, and social issues. Some experts did not believe that Blake was a romantic poet based on his views. They also felt that his poems were more for children, but underneath it all was a theme of a "death laden" world in which religious and social constrictions were discussed in order to seek a way to solve the issues. Blake felt many had hypocritical smiles as a way to try and show happiness, but not really finding it.

Blake attacked social views such as the class separations, especially with the theme of children in which the children were put to work in the poorer families in order to help pay their parent's debt, rather than the children being in school learning and being able to become better.

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