Find the dual of the following Primal problem MIN. Z=2X2+5X3 Subject to: X1+X2 >= 2 2X1+X2+6X3 = 0 Please answer this question?


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Unfortunately, without more accurate information regarding the above problem, it is impossible to provide a correct answer. However, it seems the question is related to linear programming. By learning a set method which can be used to solve any linear programming question, you should be able to solve your problem. The process described below will illustrate an easy way in which to solve a linear programming problem. You will need a pencil, a ruler and some graph paper - and possibly a calculator.

  • Inequalities

The first thing to do is illustrate your constrictions using inequalities on a graph, which should consist of an x-axis and a y-axis. You will do this using straight lines. At the x-axis, make the x value zero and from that work out the corresponding y value - mark this point on your graph. At the y-axis, instead make the y value zero and find the x value; mark this point on your graph as well. Join these two points with a straight line using a ruler. Follow this method for every inequality listed.

  • The feasible region

You should then be left with a shape, consisting of around four or five corners. Take the co-ordinates of these corners and substitute the x and y values into your objective function. What you do next depends on whether you are aiming to minimize or maximize. If you are aiming to minimize, choose the x and y values that come up with the smallest final value. Alternatively, to maximize, choose the value pair that makes the largest final value. This value is then the answer to your problem, subject to the constrictions given.

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