What is the rhyming word of high and send hill dark sea?


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  • What is a Rhyme?
Rhyming words are the body of text that combine to make a rhyme. Which is a repetition of similar sounding words traditionally found in songs and poetry.

Rhyming words together has been used for centuries and in various ways. But at its most basic form, the words - high, hill, dark and sea - will rhyme with other words that share a similar sound. These include thigh, cry, pill, shrill, kill, park, lark, three, pea and tree.

  • Types of Rhyme
Perfect Rhymes - Defined by the number of syllables included in the rhyme and by the location of the final stressed syllable.

General Rhymes - An all encompassing term which refers to the similarity found between certain words, and their use in poetry and music etc.

  • Cockney Rhyming Slang
The words - high, hill, dark and sea, could also be used in the regional dialect of East End London, known as cockney rhyming slang.

This involves a commonly used word being replaced with a rhyming phrase consisting of around two or three other words. The most common example of this is 'Apple and Pears' which is cockney rhyming slang for stairs.

Others also include, 'Dog and Bone' for telephone, 'Trouble and Strife' meaning wife, and 'Mince Pies', as rhyming slang for eyes.

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