In the nature via nurture issue, nature refers to __________. A. Pollination B. Conception C. Heredity D. Environment?


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When the distinction is made between Nature and Nurture, the term Nature is used to refer to what you were born with, the characteristics given you by your genes, your heredity.

The term Nurture is used to refer to what happens after you were born, how you were raised, your experiences, the love and attention and training you received, your environment.
The distinction is often difficult to make because a person affects their offspring's nurture in addition to giving them a set of genes. Habits that cause heart disease can be taught, for example. The tendency to develop the disease can be passed on through nurture as well as through heredity. Studies of twins raised apart can be a useful source of data for distinguishing the difference.
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I would say heredity and environment.

Good to see " via " instrad of " vs. "
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Nature Verses Nurture ??? Refers to two opposing schools of thought on raising a child wherein Nature is thought to be letting child find self comfort and nurture is thought to be providing comfort by giving emotional support and comfort.
I am not sure of a nature via nurture issue.

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