Why do you think it is that the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, are known as 'ARABIC' numerals?


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I think it was an arab that invented numbers/maths,
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Q: Do you know his name; and can you pronounce it?
Asian Dude
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Wrong! It was the poeple from India that made us truly understand numbers and lettered writing. Saw a program about this on the science channel. India is also the first peoples to recognize Zero as a number. They went on about how things would be totally different if we didn't have or use zero. That program blew my mind! Show was called "what the Ancients knew" Great show..
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They were introduced into Europe in the 10th C by the Arabs of North Africa who were using the digits throughout the northern half of the continent.The Arabs called these Hindu Numerals, but as the Europeans were unaware of their origins, they called them Arabic Numerals.
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They were developed by indian mathematicians. I don't think it was anyone in particular, more of a group effort. They are known as arabic numerals to us because it was the arabs that introduced them to us.

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