What do Addy and I have in common?


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Addilynn All Star Profile
We're both pretty cool and && Amazing..&& stylish &&...creative and...oh sorry I'm flattering ourselves a bit too much! Wooops! 8)
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Arthur Wright answered
Both are girls?
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Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
Both are aliens?
Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Hahaha no we are not aliens.. I would tell you but... I am gona wait for more answers.
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
Ok Ill be good and wait but dont wait too long as the suspense will kill me. Wonder where Janey is today as shes not jumping all over my comments yet
Janey Profile
Janey answered
You're both cool rock chicks - smart, stylish and intelligent and you're both working your way through education to get what you want.Neither of you take any nonsense from other people and you can obviously stand up for yourselves.
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Bre Fawn answered
Females. Born from a female. Teenagers. Both have a blurtit account. Both have an I in their first name. Both have an a in their last name. Both are my friends=) =)

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