Explain what is meant by plain english and why it is used?


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Janey answered
Plain English is Standard English used mainly for those learning English or wanting to improve on it.No slang or jargon is used or technical phrases or buzzwords used as this will only confuse further.Simple English is basic, plain and standard form, used for clarity, brevity and education.
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Arthur Wright answered
Its when something even just for the reason of simplicity, needs to be written in good old plain English for all to fully understand without any jibberish and double talk, without any hidden meanings or definitions, just plain simple English
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danielle ripley answered
It means there is no use of acronyms, abbreviations, jargon and slang words. Making sure your information is clear to understand and that it can not be misinterpreted in any way. There are organisations which will proof-read documents for you to make sure it's clear and is in plain English.
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Plain means simple and clear, so I think here is simple english, as it's an adjective which has several meanings, it's better you check in a dictionary .

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