The formula for the volume of a sphere v=4/3pr3. The for a cylinder with the same radius as the sphere, r, is v=pr2h, where h is the height of the cylinder. If the volume of the sphere is 2/3 the volume of the cylinder, what is the relationship be?


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Given that , radius of both the sphere and cylinder are same let V1 and V2 be the volume of the sphere and cylinder respectively.
Also given that V1=2/3 V2
for sphere r=(3V1 /4pi) the whole power 1/3
for cylinder r= √V2/pi*h
equating the radius
we get, (3V1/4pi) to the whole power 1/3 = √V2/pi*h .but V1=2/3 of V2
so replacing the V1 as 2/3V2
therefore (2*V2/4pi) to the whole power 1/3 =√V2/pi*h

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