It's a triangle. If the area of the figure is 16 square centimeters, what is the height of the triangle? The sides are short side is 4 cm, long side is 8 cm, base is 10 cm. A) 4cm b) 2cm c) 3.2 cm d) 1.6 cm


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The area of the triangle described will be √231 cm^2 ≈ 15.20 cm^2. The height will be computed from
  area = (1/2)*(base)*(height)
  2*area/base = height
  2*(15.20 cm^2)/(10 cm) = 3.04 cm = height
A triangle with a base of 10 cm and an area of 16 cm^2 will have a height of
  2*(16 cm^2)/(10 cm) = 3.2 cm, corresponding to choice (c).
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