A triangular flowerbed is being planted inside a circular area of grass. What is the area of the grass (the area surrounding the flowerbed)? Height is 27ft, sides are 50ft and 58ft. A)1,965.74 ft^ 2 b) 8,996.96 ft ^2 c) 3,315.74 ft^ 2 d) 9,212.96 ft


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We assume your diagram shows a circle with a diameter of 58 feet, inside of which is a triangle with a base of 50 ft and a height of 27 ft.

The area you seek seems to be the difference between the area of the circle and that of the triangle.

Area of a circle is given by
  area = pi*radius^2 = 3.14*(29 ft)^2 = 3.14*841 ft^2 = 2640.74 ft^2
Area of a triangle is given by
  area = (1/2)*base*height = (1/2)*(50 ft)*(27 ft) = 675 ft^2

The grass area is the difference of these areas
  grass area = 2640.74 ft^2 - 675 ft^2 = 1965.74 ft^2

This corresponds to choice (a).

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