What are 4 different types of cardboard, and what are they used for? Help please?


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''Box board'' is thin and smooth one one side, the smooth side can be used to print on or is used to glue foil onto. ''Graphic cardboard'' is used for jigsaw puzzles and hard book covers. ''Cup board'' is thin and coated, it is used to make paper cups and plates. ''Corrugated cardboard'' is usually used to make boxes, and it is sometimes waxed if they are to carry fresh food. There are other types of cardboard but you only asked for four.
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The problem with most types of cardboard is that they are none too sturdy in heavy monsoon weather.
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Firstly, I would take a bow, but my pride would get in the way. Secondly, ''your right'' :)) corrugated cardboard is not recommended as a good roofing material. So beware of shonky dealers that spray corrugated cardboard silver, to make it look like zinc coated corrugated iron.

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