Love vs education.. Which is more IMPORTANT to you?


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Love wont pay your bills. In fact, love my bancrupt you from having illigitimate children from uneducated, unemployed lovers. Get the education!
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Depends what age you are & that's the truth.  If you asked someone in their teens they'd probably say love for childish reasons.  If you asked someone in their 30's-40's that answer would change. 

Let me break it down for you.  Early in life it's always love.. During the middle age years it changes to Knowledge..Then when we get really old like in our 70's-80's it turns back to love.
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Aw ok, but how about you?
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Right now at this stage of my life?... LOVE. Not saying I know everything there is to know about everything but that I know enough to hold and manage my job. Thats all I need to make $.
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I thing love is important,  because to do any work successfully in life then you need to love that work .

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Education as knowledge is the ultimate power in the universe and forever while Love may be powerful, there is no guarantee on just how long it will last.

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