What Will The World Look Like In The Year 3000? I'm Writing A Book Set During That Time.


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Without time travel, there's really no way of knowing how the world will look in the year 3000. Fortunately, you're writing a piece of speculative fiction, so it doesn't matter. Write about how you imagine the world to be in a thousand years; nobody will be able to prove you wrong!

To get you started, here are some ways that other novelists have approached writing about the future.

The Dystopian Future

Dystopian novels are often set in the future, and depict a repressed and controlled society. This control is commonly implemented by the use of futuristic technology or artificial intelligence. There are often severe cases of overcrowding and pollution.

Examples include the 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Films such as Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly and Children of Men are all based on dystopian societies.

The Utopian Future

In stark contrast with the dystopian future, utopias represent the ideal world. There are no wars or conflicts within the community, and the political, juridical and social systems are perfect. However, there's usually a catch in utopian fiction; as wonderful as a world might be, without any sort of conflict, there's not much of a basis for a story!

Examples of utopias include Shangri-La in Lost Horizon and the Garden of Eden in the Bible.

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Well, obviously (like everyone else said) no one really knows, but I have three opinions:
As a fair warning, two are not so good, the other is better:
First, as a 'humans are horrible' view point, I think that the world will be a large concrete and metal ball.   People keep expanding, building roads and buildings and killing creatures just for the sake of land.   I'm not really an extreme tree hugger, but I don't agree with taking advantage of a planet that gives us a home.   Bbut, that's not what you asked for... Getting back on topic... I think it will be very much technology run, and I don't think you'd see people on the streets or anything like that.   I think that people will have technology doing everything for them, getting groceries, watching/feeding/caring-for children, doing all household chores, fixing things that have broken down, and basically I believe that humans will be secluded into their homes, if not rooms.   Oxygen will become a problem living on a planet covered in concrete, so I wouldn't be surprised if a government force supplied oxygen to households or soemthing like that.   I've always kinda pictured a big concrete mess, with a single tree in a glass dome for air.   Jobs and human labor, as well as crime and violence, will be nonexistent.   At the same time, though, I think it would be a very lonely world, with barely any human to human interaction.
That was the worst outcome I came up with.   My slightly better one is kind of an after effect of that:   If the world were to be taken over like this, the Earth would surely, over the coarse of time with a worldly disaster or something like that, take back from the humans what the humans took from it: And that would be the forests and the animals and everything.   So, I believe the world would look like a huge forest/desert/sea full of ruins and rusting wires and cables and metal.   The concrete cracked, the glass shattered, major buildings that once were, destroyed to rubble.   I think humans would live among the wreckage, if they could, and I think times would be harsh.   Nothing like the dull luxury one would have in my first hypothesis.   Anyways, the race of humans would basically be like refugees, living in a world of...   I don't really want to say chaos, but hard times.   The creatures would be different, too.   Since all the original lions and tigers and bears were wiped out by the humans earlier, new creatures rise from the ashes.   But again, I have an over-active imagination sometimes... Heheh... O.O
Thirdly, the one that I really wish will be:   A world where humans realize that though the may be the smartest creature, they do not have the right to rule over the entire world like greedy savages.   That they learn when to stop, and that man and beast have equal life, no matter what species you are.   Not saying we'll all be vegetarians, but what we take from them we must also give back.   Kinda the 'All energy is borrowed' scheme from Avatar, only, everything is borrowed.   When you take something, like the life of a cow for your meat, you must also give food and water and shelter to another.   No animal farms and zoos and things that gloat human supremacy.   Make people work for it a little =)   But most importantly, I think that the world needs and hopefully will have Respect for all things living by the year 3000.   After all, we are all earthlings.

Hope this wasn't an overload!   I didn't think I would write so much O.O ...sry...
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Cars Made Of   Feathers Because Everyone Flies Everywhere.   People Live 300 Years.. Rampant Crime.. Money   Isn't Paper Or Metal   It's Made Of   Glass.   That's Just My Imagination. I Have No Idea . But Look How Life Was In The 1860 's Or 1920's VERY Different.
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Perhaps, we will have a golden age soon. Thus, war, crime & so forth will be wiped out. Travel throughout the stars like in Star Trek.   Exploring space.   Then again, we may be extinct by then. No spieces in the universe lasts more than a million years.   Give or take a century.   Man hasn't been around that long. We are still young.
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Maybe in a dynamo, battery or an electrical socket?
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Hate to be pessimistic but there's not enough sand left in the hour glass at the rate of human pollution.

I predict an earth encrusted with a layer of plastic and pollution, void of people and animals. Maybe a few new species of insects ...that's about it.

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It probably will look the same as it does now.   Not too much change except for forest will be enclosed in large reserves.
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I envision humans living in glass domes that cover entire cities due to the fowled air left from some man made disaster.   These domes will have an automatic shade that shifts as the sun moves.   If they leave their domed city to visit another city,   they travel by subway from place to place because the rays from the sun are deadly since man has totally destroyed the ozone layer.   Food will all be processed and purchased in tubes.   All manual labor will be done by robots.   Marriage and births will be approved or disallowed by the government since population must be controlled within the cities.   Water will be an expensive commodity and battles within the city will be fought for the control of water.   Sewer water will be cleansed and recycled into drinking water.   Due to the rarity of water,   all humans will have a life span of zero to sixty years, at age sixty you will be "put-down" like an animal by the government.   This will happen on your 60th birthday.   I could go on but as a writer, I am sure you have many good ideas of your own without borrowing from those of us here who can only admire the good authors of the world.
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Well one view no one is mentioning is whether Jesus comes back in between that time or not.if you want to see what a vision of the future could be if Jesus decides to comes back before then you should watch one or more of these movies-left behind,the mark of the beast 666,or armageddon valley of megiddo by cloud ten pictures..since I do not know the minute,second,hour or day he will return and no one else knows either. I figure this world will be in way worse condition than it is now considering I and many millions of others won't be here to worry about it.you wll not be able to buy a grocery bag of food for the price of a week/months pay.
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G'day Brav)zulu,

Thank you for your question.

Noone really knows. Back in 1010, I don't people would have had any idea of what it would be like 1,000 years in the future. You could have a futuristic society with androids and computers dominant or a clean green eco-future or a return of the Dark Ages.

With a character called Electria, I would look at a futuristic vision.

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You can mention that ELectria was the only person with good conduct and behaviour. And his rare kindness and goodness will make him live after all the people die. After that, he will find An unknown world with unbelievable and magical elements and places and ornement. Perhaps you can say then that he was the only one who deserves Paradise. It's just fictional.
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    In 1979, Universal showed a TV show called, "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century".  In it, Buck, who had been launched from Earth in his spacecraft and somehow been 'up there' for 5 centuries! Returned to Earth, and found us still speaking English as an International language, and with our main weapon, still being a lazer.
    If you go back in time, 5 centuries, as Buck had gone forward in time, the 'International language', was not English, but Latin, and the principal weapon was not a lazer, but a longbow!

      Therefore, in only 500 years time,  (when Buck returns to Earth), the 'International language' will NOT be English, but  probably either Mandarin Chinese or Hispanic, and the principal weapon will be something as yet unheard of!

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Flying cars. Not allowed to go outside. (atmosphere brake down)

Most that can afford it live in space colonies.

All who work, do so at home. Your shopping, school,

done through Virtual Reality. Deliveries from OMAR.

You really need to go forward to see this for yourself.

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