What r the latest fashion clothes this month?


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I would suggest in most regions of Australia would be the store myers, It is a womens designer store you could see the link just click here you can find out latest auctions & bidders. American fashions you can click aswell here. Did you here in Australia Andrej Pejic, Is the most popular man wich looks/models as a women? He, is really popular in most reigons and he came to myer about a week ago. You get two out of the one person wich is cool, & He is what every women & man are seeking for in fashion. www.sensualitynews.com has a profile picture of him, Shown on channel seven a couple of previous days. His latest bridal gown is the sort of looking transparent ruffle wedding dress with a type of eagle dressing on the top of his hair. Youtube has some advice on Andreg Pejics Designs & models also his top looks, sruts, moves and poses on the catwak
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I Am Suggesting, I see lots of people wearing tye dye blue & light blue leggings. They match well with anything, Lots of teens & Females wear them even now because they are populaur they became Jr so for children aswell. The latest footwear are black lace up high top boots, Some can be in heels. Also the tops are of course the tank tops and put it in with shorts, Jewlerry mostly big circle loop ear rings & teenage style
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Read up on the latest fashions in magazines. Color blocking is in right now for spring.
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Latest fashion clothes this month is that Nike opens design studio in London to develop advanced textiles for apparel & footwear.

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At this time in winter the latest fashion clothes for men bandhgala suits and breeches which looks very handsome in winter. If you need to know about summer fashion then it seems like white kurta specially design by fashion designer or waistcoat. 

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