What's bigger, 3/8, 2/3, or 7/10?


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If you want to find out how comparitively big each one is to each other you'll want to find a common denominator. In other words, the same bottom number for all of them.
So let's start with  3/8 and 2/3 ... Multiply 3/8 by 3 (top and bottom) and 2/3 by 8 (top and bottom). 3/8 then becomes 9/24 and 2/3 becomes 16/24.  9/24 is smaller than 16/24 thus 3/8 is smaller than 2/3.
To find which is bigger, 2/3 or 7/10 , do the same thing as we did above. You should get a common denominator of 30.
Id just plain answer it for you, but I know you can do it! :)

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