How Did The West Indians Come About And What Was Their Contribution To America?


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In the early 1900, the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands sought refuge in the neighboring main-lands. The movement was largely due to the trend of slave trade and colonial exploitation that had set in. During World War II, the 'new' natives had to take to toiling on the tobacco farms that reaped huge profits for their colonial masters. They endured change and hardship, even as they held on to their native traditions. It was only in 1970 that the West Indies won their independence and were freed from the shackles of territorial and racial exploitation by the British.

Thereafter, many natives relocated to different parts of the world. America was a new and beckoning nation then and the lure did not evade the talented West Indians. Initially when they migrated to America, they served as nurses, teachers, housekeepers and special care givers. Their talent and versatility showed in good time. Their natural ear for music and keenness to learn highlighted the work of many a talent. They excelled in every sphere they were a part of and in due time, the American society recognized the genius of these migrants.

Among some of the famous West Indians who have contributed to American society are Alphonso Girandy, Robert Augustus Sweeney, August P. Teytand and William Johnson. The contribution of these heroes to the fight against racial and territorial exploitation is commendable. The roles of Richard Allen and Nat Turner in the revolts prior to the American Revolution are highlighted even today.

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