What Is The Conclusion Of The Indian Mathematicians And Their Contribution To Maths?


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Mathematics is the study and concern of number patterns and their relationships. It also pertains to the concept of reason and logic.

The classical era of Indian Mathematics spanned from around 400 CE to 1600 CE. There were many key scholars and contributors to the field. These included the following mathematicians:

  • Aryabhata
  • Brahmagupta
  • Mahavira,
  • Madhava of Sangamgrama

To name just a few.

There are a few systems and operations in mathematics still used today, that were initiated by Indian mathematicians. One such example is the 'decimal number system.'

Some other contributions from early Indian mathematics include the following:

  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • the concept of Zero
  • Negative numbers

It is believed that these concepts, plus many more, began in India and were then taught to other continents, including Europe and China.

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