I'm About To Graduate From University And Am Scared About The Future, What Should I Do?


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Everyone bar doctors and lawyers are in the same position as you. Some of your friends and colleagues will be going off because they've got their lives all planned out. But this may be the first time in your life that you've felt that you haven't got your 'next step' worked out. You've gone through life with your choices already made for you.

So what now?

There will be lots of pressure on you to get a job, or go on to post graduate study or whatever and the problem is perhaps you don't want to and this is where more frustration lies.

Instead of trying to fill the frightening part of the 'next step' with something else, step back. Find yourself a job for a while that might benefit other people, volunteer or work for a living at a charity or animal shelters or a social or political cause. While your working on that, something will come to you.
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Every student in fact everyone has to face this situation you are facing. So don't be scared about future because its all written in your destiny what is going to be happen with you in your life so just don't be scared and try to achieve your goal/aim in life. So if you are about to graduate so just structure your aim what you have to do in your life like if you want further studies so just plan for that or if you are going for a job so start searching and applying to jobs so that when you will get your degree so you don't have to wait for a good job.

This action saves your time .Just try to achieve your goal instead of wasting time and don't be scared or frightened about future. Everyone wants to be successful in his life so for success you need to work hard with courage, patient because sometimes in your career situations come in such way where you have to sacrifice. So try to put on your best in your career,  best of Luck for your future. But don't be scared and make some goal/target for which you have to work for.
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After a degree you have many more ways to lead a happy life. If you have still interest in studies please continue your studies or if you have any money problems that prevent you from continuing the studies then go in search of a job, and find a job for yourself. You can also study while working.

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