In the future, I'd like to own restaurant, hotel, newspaper company, apartment, school, and sports teams, and I'm planning to get MBA, but I don't know what career I should get after I graduate from undergrad. Any legitimate advice?


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Jann Nikka answered

I read the Average Person will change jobs over 7 times and Careers just as well...

Be flexible and get a degree or 2 yr or technical or vocational training...

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Your interests are varied and complex. My advice is to go beat the streets. Talk to people that have "made it" in the fields that you have an interest in. See what their struggles were. How far in education did they go? Was it worth it? What is their typical day like? What kinds of issues did they run across that they never thought of?

When you talk to someone that has been there, you can get their honest opinion of their life in the trenches. This should help narrow your focus so you have a starting point to shoot for.

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