I am an Indian girl planning to move to the States for my undergrad. Will I face any racism there? Like in dating and social life?


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I very much doubt that you will be the only Indian girl at the university in the States, there will be people from most countries and ethnic backgrounds.

There shouldn't be any racism at all, but if some small minded people do have a problem, remember that it is illegal for them to say anything discriminating regarding your race, so the law is on your side. They know that too so they are unlikely to do it.

Most people in places like America and England mix very well with all races. Most of us have friends of all nationalities and don't think of them as any different to ourselves.

I think moving to a different country for a while will be very good for you as you will meet new people and grow as a person. It is an exciting time so enjoy it and please don't worry, you will be fully accepted and make lots of new friends very quickly.

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passionately curious
Thank you so much.
I actually live in Dubai which is a very multicultural city and everyone is nice to each other. Is there anything I should avoid doing? I am applying to Penn State, Purdue, Berkeley, Ann Arbor or similar.
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No, there is nothing you should avoid, you will be fine, don't worry.

I hear that Dubai is a wonderful place, I have a friend who lives there and tells me how friendly and welcoming everyone is :-)

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