How Do I Write A Travel Journal?


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A travel journal should record as much about your holiday as possible; places visited, new experiences, people met, thoughts and feelings aroused. Think of it as a written photograph. You should start by finding a book that will accentuate the place that you are visiting. Maybe even buy a book on your arrival or from somewhere that you visit.

Keep a note of all events, thoughts and experiences in a notebook. Include dates and times to record the event more fully. Include descriptions of people, favourite things, and chance moments. The notebook serves as your inspiration. It means that you can write in your journal neatly, and include all the required entries in detail.

Collect souvenirs from the favourite places you visit. These can be flyers, postcards, ticket stubs, stamps, travel card etc. add these in your journal at the relevant places. It will make it more interesting and readable, and means you and others will enjoy looking at it time and again.

Write the travel journal daily, otherwise you may find it becomes too much and it gets forgotten. As you write details, make it look alluring. Add sketches, your souvenirs, thought bubbles, and even to do lists inspired by your travels. Remember, however, not to get too engrossed in your travel journal that you forget to enjoy the holiday itself.
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A very good way to write and share a travel journal is using a blog service, which is free in most cases. That way a lot of people worldwide will have access to you experience, finding answers to many questions at the same time. Type free blog in any search engine and there will be many options. If you like to post a photo or two of the places you visited, that's a plus!

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