Do You Write Your Diary Entry?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I use to, but have quit doing so as someone kept reading it, and using what I wrote in there against me, so I don't diary or journal anymore.
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Anonymous answered
Yes because you never know what might happen so I wait until I start reading in bed before I write stuff.
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Brandi lol answered
I still do and have ever since I was four. I don't let a lot of my emotions out, I've a very bottled up type person, so its a kind of release for me.  the only time I don't write in it is if nothing really happened that day or if I don't feel like.
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
I think it is good to keep a journal or diary.  I personally will start one and do good for a few days, then stop and procrastinate and don't go back to it til about a year later.  But I think it would be neat to keep one and pass it down to your children and grandchildren, etc. 
BEN GREGO answered
As a guy, I prefer the term 'journal' rather than 'diary' although it's really the same thing! I usually write in mine 2 or 3 times a week..don't keep it up as I used to...I started journaling in 1964! Yep, I'm an 'old guy"...when I've gone back to read the really older ones, it's like reading someone else's personal thoughts, we change as we age!! I can't believe some of the stuff I used to think was so important, etc.,,but then, it's all just a part of becoming mature!!
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Lena JH answered
I have a bookbag full of diaries I've kept over the years. Keeping a diary has always kept me sane through it all, and as I've been home on summer vacation sometimes I'll pick one up and read some entries when I'm bored. It's entertaining and I remember a lot of things I had forgotten.

Now I have an online journal I've been keeping since 2004. It's been a great help since I been in college (no book to tempt a roommate to peek into), I've been keeping track of all my adventures and struggles. I try to do it every day but if not I do it at least three times a week.
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Samantha answered
I go on and off, only if I have something exciting, and happy, or sad, or meaningful, nothing boring though, a waste of my time doing something fun!

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