How Do You Plan Your Typical Day At Work?


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I could say I use a list that ranks in priority of the task's to complete with a time scale added to act as my motivation ,of course with appropriate rest periods built in to help stimulate me for other task's,should an emergency arrive.
This only should show that I know how to prioritize things. At the start of a day -- in any industry I had before -- it is important that I review what needs to be done.

There will be 1.) urgent and important tasks, 2.) urgent but unimportant tasks, and 3.) non-urgent but important tasks. Tasks in category that one needs to be done first. Tasks in category two needs to be addressed but should not overwhelm me any manner. Make the most of my time in each day to address tasks in category three.
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A pen and paper are simple but very useful tools in helping you plan your work day. Write down everything you want to accomplish during the day. You may want to number the tasks in order of importance and tackle the most important one first. Another approach is to make a list of how you will spend each hour. Use the method that will encourage you to get the most done - everyone has a unique way of working, so it's up to you!

A diary is an irreplaceable tool for helping you to plan your weeks and months at work. It will allow you to 'step back' from the daily tasks and let you keep an eye on the larger goals. For instance, a note in your diary to transfer all your files to a database by a certain date will focus you on the goal every time you glance through your diary. A diary lets you gear your daily tasks towards meeting your long-term goals. Many diaries give you room not only for planning your weeks and months but also your days.
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I will check my calendar/emails, schedule of meetings and appointments. Submit and finished due dated paper works. Make a phone calls and follow up for clients for possible business. Leave notes, update documentation, create agenda for next business day.
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I just roll along with my orders from the boss

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