Why Should I Keep A Diary?


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Keeping a diary is an excellent thing to do. Not just if you like journalling or chronicling your life's adventures. But you might also use it as an achievement diary. This helps you to look back and see all that you have achieved over a period of time. I use it before I go to sleep at night. I write down as many achievements that I have made from the tiniest things to the major things that day and it makes me feel good about getting up and facing the next day of possibilities the next day.

Of course, many people use a diary simply as an agenda, a way that they can simply schedule their work load. This is a rather dull but necessary way to keep things in order. Of course, you could have more than one diary, one personal and one professional.

Many famous people kept diaries, try looking up Anne Frank, Alan Clarke and Samuel Pepys!
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I think you should keep a diary because lets say a friend teell you something and that preson does not want anyone to know well you want to tell some body something really bad well thats what you have a diary for! Or to get your feelings out and not sharing anything personal with ant body tell your diary!
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I actually own a diary myself

It is a very useful tool to help you release whatever it is inside of you

and its hilarious to look back on

try it XP

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