Do you write a diary? And do you keep it using any software or App?


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It is not a diary, it's a journal. And yes I write everyday for at least a couple hours. Heck no! I would NEVER trust an electronic device or program for such a personal habit. I would be lost if the program ever erased my work!

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No, I have no subconscious desire to be exposed for the deviant genius I am.

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Just a cute little black book. Cursive.

It has shorthand notations of my food intake, weight and exercise with a  dot / line graph.

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Not anymore.  I did keep a handwritten diary for years when I was young.  No software .... I filled several small leather books.

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Call me Z
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I have often wondered what one does with their diaries, seems like a source of potential embarrassment.
Janis Haskell
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I finally lost mine during a move, Z. They didn't contain my name or identifying info ..... just my thoughts. They might have amused (or bored) some stranger. :)
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I do not have a diary in which I write about my day or my feelings.
However, if I did have one, I would prefer a physical one instead of a software
or an app. I know this sounds foolish, but this is because I would have liked
being able to hold it, turn the pages and re-read it one day.

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