What Factors Led To The Repealing Of The Prohibition Law In America?


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As much as the religious sector of America wanted to embed the element of purity and morals in the souls of the conventional American public, the American masses were not even a wee bit interested in the prospect of getting purified. The law, although passed by Congress, faced a lot of difficulty in being executed, as nationwide protests were made against the law – for starters, a bootlegger named Al Capano, who had an illegal business of manufacturing and selling drinks, got involved in the massacre of his rivals in 1929, who were trying to make money in the same line of business. Just a decade had passed since the law of Prohibition had been passed in America and the American citizens were already getting too fed up of this 'unnecessary hindrance in their freedom'. Soon the Democratic party championed itself as the group who wanted to repeal the law of Prohibition. Another reason for abolition of Prohibition was the economic depression in the following 4-5 years. It was assumed that if the law was repealed, employment opportunities could be created for many people and this could be an improvement in the economic situation of the country. After taking all the factors in consideration, the law of Prohibition was finally repealed in 1933.

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