I Have A Diploma From NIIT And Want To Enrol For A Top-up Degree From Sunderland. Can I?


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Yooti Bhansali answered
Okay, firstly you have not specified what area or course of study it is that you have got a diploma for. Secondly, the University of Sunderland offers top up courses in a wide range of subjects, which one is it that you want to enrol for? It is only after I have all these details, that I can tell you if you are eligible for the top up courses.

Alternatively, go to the University of Sunderland web site, and look at the top up courses that they have to offer. Also, have a look at the qualifications that are required to be eligible for the course that you are interested in undertaking.

Also, you can consult someone from your institute, that is, NIIT if there are favourable options available for you in a university like Sunderland. Do enough research on your prospects, and then see if you are eligible.

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