How to write 0.5 as a percent?


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Write 0.5% as a decimal and as a fraction:                      0.5% = 0.005                      Again, since percent means per 100, you can change a percent                      to a fraction by simply putting the percent over 100:                      0.5% = .5/100                      Remember, we cannot leave a decimal in the numerator so we                      must rewrite it as a whole number.  To do that simply                      move the decimal as many places to the right as required to                      make it a whole number, then add as many zeros, as places                      moved, to 100 in the denominator                      .5/100 = 5/1000 (add 1 zero to 100)                      The final step is to reduce the fraction to lowest                      terms: 5/1000 = 1/200

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