How Would Giving Feedback To A Classmate In A Distance Learning Environment Be Different From Giving Face To Face Feedback?


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I'd have to say...I sure get frustrated ...and cry sometimes...when I'm not getting the idea...(astronomy name a few)...and I was IN the classroom and IN the teachers office after class.  I feel that specifics in communication, show & tell (here let me show you...its in the book, my pages, etc.)  and especially emotion...are lost at a distance...

When someone doesn't know the right question to ask...he will not receive the answer he needs...And...if he does know the question...meaning may be lost in the translation of how he poses the question.  Teachers I have had sometimes take it for granted that ALL people are COMPUTER LITERATE (or should be)...and if you are in college...then you will learn at their level of teaching...they don't teach down to your level of must find your answers in study pals and groups...of which...I don't think there would be much group mind melding if the class and classmates are at a distance, even if they are on a computer.

I always liked knowing when my teacher was available too...and took advantage of that precious hour a few times a long distance...we wait for the it is hard to set up a study schedule that coincides with the time needed to get our questions answered and then complete the homework...If the teacher is available for chat...just how many people are coming at him at the hour or two he is present?. is up to the student to understand and follow the class syllabus...which can be written in almost a type of shorthand...handing in homework on time...waiting for feedback on rough drafts (where are the red marks and teacher's comments?)...the lack of impromptu group participation and discussion...and all of this...hopefully without a computer meltdown, freeze, glitch, file delete, booted off...etc...

I tried to take a Statistics class on-line...couldn't even find out what book I was supposed to buy...said it didn't exist...or kept sending me to "page won't download"....Well, I've said enough... Hope I got my point
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Well, what first came to my mind would be tone. For example, it is a a lot harder to convey sarcasm in writing than in speech. Also, it might be more difficult to take criticism from a stranger online than from a friend/classmate. I hope this helps!

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