P Is Inversely Proportional To R. P = 7 When R = 12 Work Out The Value Of P When R = 3?


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7/12=p/3,p=7/12*3=7/4,so it is 7/4.
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Yeah you can. If you find a comon numeritor and put it in precentages then work it out it is faster and eiser.
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Okay let me tell you how to solve this
you said that P is inversely proportional to R
that means P=X/R when P=7 and R=12     x for a variable
so,you can put the number instead of the variables Pand R
7*12=x    finally X=84
now when R=3
so when R=3 you find that P=28
I hope that I helped
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Thankyou but what do the signs mean? For example, (*) (/)
kurrapica zoldik
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Okay this * means multiplying
and this / means dividing
coz you know that these computers can't write such things that you can write by your hand so i used these symbolsin order to refer to multiplying and dividing.lol!!!
I hope you that you got it.

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