A reduction 20% in the price of sugar enable a purchaser to get 4 kg more of Rs .80. The origional price of 1kg of sugar?.


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If the original price of sugar is Rs "p" per kg, then the given information can be written in equation form as   80/(p(1-.20)) - 80/p = 4 Multiplying by p/4, we get   80/(4(.80)) - 80/4 = p   25 - 20 = p   5 = p The original price of sugar was Rs 5 per kg
Check   At the original price, the purchaser could get   80/5 = 16 kg.   At the reduced price of Rs 4 per kg, the purchaser could get   80/4 = 20 kg   The purchaser is able to buy 20 - 16 = 4 kg more at the reduced price.
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Let the original price of a kilogram of sugar be Rs. X

Now the new (reduced) price of sugar is x - (20/100)x = x - (x/5) = Rs. 4x/5 per kg.

At the original price a purchaser can purchase (80/x) kg of sugar for Rs.80.

At the new price, in Rs. 80 the purchaser can buy 80/(4x/5) = (100/x) kg sugar.

=> 100/x - 80/x = 4
=> 20/x = 5
=>x = 4.

Therefore the original price of sugar is Rs. 4 per kg.
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Somehow (100 - 80)/x = 4 became 20/x = 5. Oops. Fix the math and we are in agreement.
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Absolutely, thats a blunder. Somehow a lot of silly mistakes r happening with my math. Thumbs up for Oddman who helps us all!

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