What Is The Radius Of A Circle In Millimeters If Its Circumference Is1.5 Meters?


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Tough question!
First you have to convert the measurements to be the same.

1 MM = 1000th of a meter or .001M

The formula for finding the circumference of a circle is Pi times D (diameter)
Remember the diameter of a circle is twice the radius

Pi = 3.14
So, 3.14* D = 1.5M
3.14D = 1.5
D = 1.5/3.14
D = .477707M
The radius would be half of that, or .2388535M
Now you need to convert back to MM
Multiply .2388535M times 1000 = 238.8535MM
Let's convert to MM to begin with and see if we get the same answer
C = 1.5 M = 1500MM
C = Pi * D
C = 1500 divided by 3.14 = 477.707MM in diameter
The radius would be 1/2 of the diameter = 477.707MM/2 = 238.8535
Hope this helps

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