the area of a circle is 2826 square inches. what is the length of its radius?


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Mike J answered

Area of a circle = Pi (3.14) * Radius^2.

Use this formula, and now plug in the numbers.

2,826 = 3.14*r^2.

Divide both sides by pi (3.14).

After doing so, you have this:

900 = r^2

In order to find r, you need to find the square root of 900.

√900 = 30.

The radius is equal to 30 inches.

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Ray Dart answered

The area of a circle is Pi * r^2

The area in question is 2826

Therefore r^2 = 2826/Pi

Taking Pi to be 3.14159 (and using a calculator)

r^2 =

square root of 899.545 = 29.99

(probably intended to be 30 with rounding errors)

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