The Area Of A Circle Is How Find The Radius Of The Cirle?


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The area of a circle is given by the formula
a = Pi*r2 (where "a" is the area, and "r" is the radius of the circle. Pi is an irrational number approximated by 3.1416.)

We can solve for r:
a/Pi = r2 (divide both sides by Pi)
√[a/Pi] = r (take the square root of both sides)

√[460/3.1416] = r (plug in the numbers)
√146.42 = r (evaluate)
12.1 = r

Pi*r2 = 460
3.1416*(12.1)2 = 460
3.1416*146.41 = 460 (we note that 146.41 here is not the same as 146.42 above)
459.962 = 460 (We recognize that there is some error. This amount appears to be acceptable and unavoidable, given the precision of the math.)

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The formula to calculate the radius from the area of the circle is as follows:

A = pi * r2


A = area

pi = 3.14

r = radius

By putting the value of area in the equation you will get,

A = pi * r2

460 = 3.14 * r2

460/3.14 = r2

146.5 = r2

Taking square root on both sides, which will give,

r = 12.1

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To find the radius of a circle you must times that number by 2.

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