How Do You Find Area Of A Circle?


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The area of a circle is the total number of square units in the circle. If you have a circle in a 1cmx1cm drafting paper, you can simply count the number of boxes in your circle. That would be your area in square cm (cm2).

However, a more reliable, efficient and commonly used formula for calculating area of circles is:

Area = Pi x (Radius)2

The value of pi is always constant at 22/7 which is equivalent to 3.142.
The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to one peripheral line. It is always half the value of the diameter. A diameter is a line stretching from one point on a circles boundary to another and passing through the center of the circle. It is basically two radii joined together at the center in a straight line.
So, if you have a question where you are given the diameter and you need to know the radius, simply divide the value of diameter by 2:

Radius = Diameter/2
Diameter = Radius x 2

(Note that while 2xradius=diameter, r2 is different. It is the radius multiplied with itself (radius x radius), while the diameter is radius + radius).

Hope circle area is no problem for you now!
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There's a formula to find out the Area of Circle. The formula being, A (circle) = Π r2, where 'r' is the radius of the circle and the value of Π is 22/7 or 3.14

So, if the radius of the circle is known, it's easy to find out the area of that circle.

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