a chord of a circle divides the circle into two parts such that the squares inscribed in the two parts have the areas 16 and 144 square units. The radius of the circle, is?


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I stole most of this from the web.

From Pythagoras:

AE^2 + DE^2 = r^2

r^2 = (x+4)^2 ..............................(1)

r^2 = (12-x)^2+36


(x+4)^2 = (12-x)^2+36

simplify and calculate

x= 5


r = sqrt(9^2 + 4)        (from (1))

= sqrt(85)

Cool solution huh?

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Ya really cool !!! Thankyou so much sir, you were very helpful.
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Here Ray.


I feel much too lazy to do this completing the square with a coefficient on the squared variable.
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Completing the square - I remember that...... :)

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