How Do I Find The Angle Of Each Corner Of A Polygon If I Know The Length Of Each Side?


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In addition to the lengths of the sides, you must have enough information to completely define the polygon. Consider creating a scale model of your room by threading string through straws cut to length. You can imagine that the six-sided figure can assume a variety of shapes.

I suggest measuring the distances between non-adjacent, non-opposite corners. If you identify the corners in sequence with letters A through F, measure between corners A-C, C-E, and E-A, for example. Then you can use a calculator such as this one to find angles.

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If it is a true polygon, divide the total number of angles into 360, which will give the degrees in each angle.
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The angle of a corner of a hexagon (a 6 sidded object) is 45 degrees. If you are trying to match two pieces of trimwork (such as baseboard) the angle on each piece would be 22.5 degrees. Half of the 45 Degree angle.

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