Match Column A With Column B And Write The Correct Match In Column C?


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Q2.  Match Column A with Column B and write the correct match in Column C.

  10 Marks

Sr # Column A Column B Column C
1 Logical Active Monitor
2 Beta Version Biometrics
3 Spikes Technical Controls
4 Triggered on Event Behavior Blockers
5 Guard against Virus Virus & Worms
6 Hardware based Antivirus Sudden Increase in Power Supply
7 Encryption Logic Bomb
8 Voice Print In Testing Phase
9 Firmware based Virus protection Effective Back up Plan
10 Management Procedural Controls Science of Coded writing
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Column A Column B
Standard bar Shows the name of document
Menu bar Shows Page/Section/Line No/Column No
Status bar Contains graphics objects
Title bar Contains icons for functions
Drawing bar Shows different functions available in software

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